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Vanilla Beans How To Use

by Vincent | 17/12/2020 | No Comments

Let's Parse The Question, "Vanilla Beans How To Use"?

Vanilla Beans How To Use

The existence of vanilla beans in the kitchen or certain food menus is an undeniable luxury. The price of vanilla beans on the market is relatively high and most are only reached by the upper-middle class. The need for vanilla scents for the lower middle class is already represented by synthetic vanilla which is very cheap. So, when you have this premium item, you might ask, vanilla beans how to use?

This article will help you get an idea of ​​how to process vanilla beans. This information might be useful when you want to make something delicious for your beloved family or make a preliminary experiment for the production of certain menus to be commercialized. Whatever your motives for treating vanilla beans, let's consider the following description:

  1. Pods Vanilla Beans

When you talk about pods, you have to separate the vanilla beans from the pods. At first, you need a dry, clean cutting board and a knife. To remove the seeds, you have to split the pod in half lengthwise slowly, but don't cut it in its entirety. This method will make small and fine seeds inside the pod intact and not damaged or split.

After the vanilla bean pods split, you can use a spoon to dredge the seeds inside. The seeds that have been taken can be directly put into the jar. After the skin and seeds separate, do not immediately remove the skin. You can use it for aroma and flavoring on cakes or other dishes.

  1. Vanilla Beans To Make Cakes

To make vanilla flavored cakes, you can add vanilla beans to it. The method is quite simple. You only need to mix the vanilla when buttering. That way, vanilla seeds can be mixed in the mixture evenly.

Vanilla seeds will stick and clot when they are just removed from the pod. Therefore, make sure the stirring process takes place evenly so that the vanilla flavor can reach the whole mixture. You can also accompany vanilla along with sugar for more complicated cake recipes.

  1. Vanilla Beans After Extracting

You can make vanilla beans extract independently if your needs are small. But if you want to use it for industrial needs, you should consider shopping for vanilla bean extract wholesale from a trusted supplier. Indonesia can be one of the best choices for getting high-quality vanilla beans to extract.

You can even get the lowest prices from Vanilla Indonesia Company. We are a first-hand supplier experienced in the sale and purchase of vanilla beans for more than 30 years. The company grows vanilla beans directly and processes them with the latest technology, in collaboration with local farmers and farmers from Papua New Guinea.

But if you want to make it yourself at home, how to make it is quite easy even though the duration is not short. You only need to soak the vanilla beans that have been seeded into the liquid alcohol or vegetable glycerin.

The immersion process should take around 3-4 months, then you can get vanilla beans to extract. Having vanilla beans extract at home will simplify the process of using vanilla beans for cooking or for making cosmetics. In the end, it all depends on your choice, whether you want to wait a long time to get vanilla beans to extract, or use a short but useful way, which is in collaboration with Vanilla Indonesia Company.

  1. Vanilla Beans As A Flavoring

We mentioned in the previous paragraph, that the skin of vanilla beans should not be thrown away. You can still get the taste and aroma of vanilla from the skin. How to use it is quite simple. Mix the fresh vanilla skin into a liter of fresh milk, then heat it in the pan. Vanilla skin can also be relied upon to make the pudding taste more delicious and absorbing.

Vanilla skin can also be covered with sugar and a bulkhead. After a few days, you will get the aroma of vanilla that seeps into sugar. This of course would be nice when you use vanilla sweeteners.

After you read this article, let's work together on procuring vanilla beans for business needs with the Indonesia Vanilla Company. Get services that are easy, fast, and guaranteed so that potential losses will be closed even if the transaction is done online.

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