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Vanilla Beans: How Do They Grow?

by Vincent | 10/12/2020 | No Comments

Vanilla Beans: How Do They Grow?

Vanilla beans are widely used as a flavor in cooking and baking. Its flavor is sweet with earthy fragrance tempting all to try its sweetness. Its flavor anyway typically produces a sense of calmness in every dish made. Although it is popular in the world, this type of flavor is only planted in a few countries or regions. We can find vanilla beans in Mexico, Madagascar, Tahiti, Indonesia, and Uganda. Indonesia is on the list in the second position for becoming the largest producer of vanilla beans.Vanilla Beans: How Do They Grow?

Indonesian farming is widely known for harvesting best vanilla beans from a vine at once. This endeavor is considered as a labor-saving adjustment that typically impacts the production. This cultivation method offers Indonesia vanilla bean as a sharper and woodier type. Maintaining its stability by controlling the high heat approach make Indonesian’s vanilla beans best.

Approaches On Vanilla Beans How Do They Grow It

Vanilla’s best planted in a tropical area with proper temperature and humidity. It’s also cultivated well on a greenhouse although with intensity labor’s caring. It prefers the soil with rich mineral, acid, and of course has good drainage as the key to the successfully cultivated. It is needed fertilizer as well to keep it from worm and oil cakes besides need to be completed with the supporter. Below is some info on their growth based on their place.

First, tempting to grow vanilla in a polybag. A gardener with experience and accomplishment may challenge themselves on vanilla beans how to grow it. As it is categorized as an orchid family, its treatment may be hard. Commonly tender care and a controlled environment are needed during its growth. Finally, harvesting time may pay off your long efforts and expense.

Talking about how the vanilla bean grows, they generally need the patient to see its vine naturally grow. This is also required conditioned tropical environment, in medium growth usually mixture orchid compost is needed. We also provide additional support stakes to assist the vanilla climbing.  As it a hardness of caring, we as the farmer offer the best vanilla beans with the lowest prices.  Below are the other characteristics of vanilla vines. They seem extremely disturbed to heat, the amount of the light, and soil even environment moisture. To get the best vanilla beans the system of these three are maintained well. Moreover, in the wet season, keep well the humidity and the moist continually is a must.

For producing flowers, vanilla vine gets a certain amount of water for 6 to 8 weeks. The beautiful flower will bloom on the shoots and turn down to the ground. This phase may be so awesome. Labor helps the vanilla plant in the pollination of the flowers to form the green beans. Here we take the lip of the blooming flower, take the main pollen and place it to the nectar with stigma inside. We do it gently since we need to locate a flop on the top and the right side behind the flower.  The green beans will be kept on the vine about six months and producing the vanillin which later growing as the vanilla flavor. These are all steps done on vanilla beans how do they grow it as our best commodity.

Fun Facts Of Vanilla Beans

Its tastes are known well as special flavor to enrich every dish around the world. Here are some fun facts about vanilla beans.

  1. Vanilla beans are originally wild in tropical forests. It is one of the oldest plant families called Orchidaceae. Its vine can reach up to 30 meters long, how amazing it is.
  2. They grow in the jungle. Their root commonly turns downward to the ground. Then, buried in the loose soil. Only its root hairs will appear and they take water, mineral, and energies from the substrate.
  3. Vanilla is a special plant that creates complicated container house plants when they grow like a vine.
  4. Vanilla plants need limited but enough light to grow
  5. Its best growth is in warm temperature, cooler temperatures will only slow the growth.
  6. We need to water the support and the soil media for helping the air root reaching the moist level.
  7. Vanilla beans are sensitive to be attacked by the diseases and the insects when it’s overwatered. Their growths have the risk to be disturbed by slug and snails.

Finally, you now know the vanilla beans in how they grow, all the processes are done well to produce the best quality vanilla beans. This will be your smart info to choose our product, since we cultivate this vanilla independently, so come on. Get our best offer, contact us now!

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