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Vanilla Beans Grade A VS B, What's The Difference?

by Vincent | 19/12/2020 | No Comments

Vanilla Beans Grade A VS B, What's The Difference?

Vanilla Beans Grade A VS B, What's The Difference?

Vanilla beans enthusiasts around the world may be curious about everything related to this superior commodity, including business people who rely on business activities with the raw material of vanilla beans. When you are interested in discussing it further, you will find the term Vanilla beans grade A VS B. This level is compared to determine its quality.

To get an explanation of Vanilla beans grade A VS B, let's start from the most basic discussion, which is to know what vanilla beans are. Let's consider the following description:

  1. Get To Know Vanilla Beans And Their Origins

Vanilla beans or Vanilla Planifolia come from the fruit of the vanilla tree. The tree is a member of orchid plants that grow in the tropics. The shape of vanilla fruit is like long beans. It's just bigger and longer in size. Inside the vanilla pods, there are small seeds that can be extracted or made into powder.

Vanilla beans that have been harvested will undergo a drying process, then can be consumed for flavoring or food or cosmetic fragrances. Based on research, vanilla was first known by Indians living in Mexico. Currently, Indonesia and Madagascar are known as the largest supplier of vanilla beans in the world.

  1. Vanilla Beans Grade A Vs B

Grade A and B in vanilla beans is a quality level that is highly considered by producers and consumers. This also includes the category, where the production and processing of vanilla beans are distinguished based on their contents and conditions. Different categories will also differ in quality and price. The vanilla beans category is not only two but three, which is also Grade C.

Grade A vanilla beans are the best quality. Viewed from the physical, grade A vanilla beans have a blackish-brown color and the condition of the dried pods are intact, aka no trace of scratches or physical defects. Meanwhile, vanilla beans in grade B and C are of lower quality, but can still be used for other important purposes at a more economical price.

The size factor also distinguishes between Vanilla beans grade A VS B and also grade C. The longer the size of the vanilla beans pods, the better the quality. Because this size determines the number of vanilla seeds in it which is estimated to be more. But in matters of aroma and taste, Vanilla beans grade A VS B are relatively the same.

  1. How To Use Vanilla Beans Grade A Vs B?

Vanilla beans can be used optimally, both the skin of the pod and the seeds. Although these commodities are differentiated based on their grade, their methods of utilization are relatively the same because they all have the natural and healthy aroma and vanilla flavor.

Vanilla beans that have been dried must first be sliced ​​lengthwise to get the seeds. Characteristics of seeds in the form of small black beads and smooth make you have to use a spoon when you want to take it after it is cut.

Vanilla beans grade A, B or C can be used immediately for mixing food and cosmetics with certain techniques. You do not need to immediately remove the vanilla skin after it is separated from the seeds. The skin can also be used to add flavor and aroma to certain snacks and herbs.

Aside from being used directly, you can also make it into vanilla powder and extract. This will make the use of vanilla beans more practical and can be stored for a long time. But when you want to use vanilla beans for business needs and in large quantities, you should not process vanilla beans manually. It will only drain your energy, costs, and energy.

To get a variety of processed vanilla beans products from dried pods, powders, and extracts, you can work with Vanilla Indonesia Company. We are a company that has experienced for more than 30 years in meeting the needs of vanilla beans for the industry.

Regarding the price, you don't need to worry because we provide a very affordable price choice compared to suppliers from other countries. This is because we are the first-hand supplier to directly cultivate vanilla beans with the latest technology. The company works closely with local farmers and farmers from Papua New Guinea who are skilled. As a result, it is found that vanilla beans in grade A and B are ready to be served on the global market.

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