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Vanilla Beans Grade A Or B

by Vincent | 18/12/2020 | No Comments

Which One Do You Choose? Vanilla Beans Grade A Or B

Vanilla Beans Grade A Or B

When you enter the vanilla beans shopping agenda regularly, you will find the fact that the process of shopping for vanilla beans is not as simple as imagined. You will not only face a promotion war between suppliers, but you also have to be keen to determine the scale of needs, whether you want to buy Vanilla beans grade A or B.

In this situation, you are most likely a culinary, cosmetic, or other entrepreneur related to the business of the aroma and taste sector. As is known, vanilla is one of the flavors that never lost a fan, as well as chocolate, strawberries, and milk. The grade of vanilla beans you buy must be adjusted to your needs.

The following is a description of the guidelines for purchasing vanilla beans based on their grade. Hopefully, the information shown below can add to your insight about vanilla beans, and clear your confusion about choosing Vanilla beans grade.

  1. The Difference In Grade Of Vanilla Beans Based On Humidity

Grade A vanilla beans have a higher moisture content than Grade B. Therefore, the taste produced by grade A vanilla beans will be thinner and their use will be easier when you want to separate the vanilla beans from the pods.

Grade B vanilla beans are often referred to as extraction classes with much lower water roots. Therefore, Grade B in vanilla beans is also often relied upon to make vanilla extract because it can support a concentrated flavor.

In essence, when you want to use vanilla beans directly, it is better to use vanilla bean grade A because of the high water content. The chefs at premium restaurants prioritize grade A vanilla beans because they are easier to use, and the aroma and taste can quickly seep into the dish.

Vanilla Beans grade B is not suitable for direct use, because it is dry. If you want to use it optimally, you have to extract it and it will take months to get a high-quality vanilla bean extract.

So if you want to compare based on humidity, Vanilla beans grade A or B are a good equivalent if you use them for the right needs.

  1. The Difference In Grade Of Vanilla Beans Based On Appearance

In terms of appearance, Vanilla Bean Grade A is free from imperfections. The pod is perfectly intact and has no defects or scratches. The color is dark brown and some emit a reddish color. The size of vanilla beans grades A is even longer than the extraction class alias grade B. This is what makes vanilla beans grade A considered superior to grade B.

Besides being longer in terms of size, vanilla beans grade A are also fatter, more flexible, and glossy because of their high water content. The level A humidity of vanilla beans reaches 30 percent per pod.

On the other hand, vanilla beans grade B look thin and dry when held. The reddish-brown color will not shine because the water content is very low. Don't try to fold or bend it, as this will most likely break the vanilla beans. The best way to treat vanilla beans in grade B is to make vanilla extract.

So, Which One Do You Choose?

Whatever your choice, adjust to your needs based on knowledge. Do not carelessly shop but you do not know what you need. Of the many suppliers that sell Vanilla beans grade A or B, you can choose Vanilla Indonesia Company as one of the most recommended.

The company provides Vanilla beans grade A or B in the best conditions where the quality and ingredients are very good so you can make optimal use of the aroma and taste. Armed with more than 30 years of experience and working with Indonesian and Papua New Guinea farmers, Indonesia Vanilla Company is confident in marketing products in the global market.

You will be surprised to find that despite the quality of premium class products, the prices are very affordable. This is because we are a first-hand supplier who applies the principle of efficiency by using high technology in the production process. For more information, please access the company's official website.

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