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Buy Vanilla Beans Locally Indonesia, Madagascar

by Vincent | 08/11/2020 | No Comments

Here Is The List Of Producers Vanilla Beans Locally Throughout The World

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Vanilla beans locally are one of the mainstay commodities whose demand is high from time to time. Businessmen around the world need it in large quantities to make many processed food or cosmetic products. When vanilla beans are not available in a country, not a few are solid to import so that the business movement always runs smoothly.

Not all countries are ready to provide vanilla beans for the needs of the world community. only a few countries are listed as large-scale producers of vanilla beans. One of the countries that produce good quality vanilla beans in Indonesia. In this article, we will describe many Vanilla beans producers locally throughout the world. Let's look at the following list:

  1. Madagascar

Madagascar is a country that is recorded as the largest producer of vanilla beans in the world. Based on research data, Madagascar can produce 2,926 tons of vanilla beans per year. As is known, how to grow vanilla beans is not easy and takes a long time.

At least to be able to grow and bear fruit well, the cultivation of vanilla beans must meet many requirements. First, plants must grow in areas that have a tropical and sub-tropical climate. Second, the level of elevation or height of the cultivation area must be in the range of 400 to 700 meters below sea level with an average temperature of 22 to 25 degrees Celsius per year.

Furthermore, rainfall and humidity must also be considered. As is known, the vanilla fruit ripening process lasts for three months. You must keep it dry so that the quality of the fruit is always maintained.

Other factors that must be considered are soil quality, the intensity of sun exposure for photosynthesis, and seed quality. After the harvesting process takes place, you must also be observant about how the supplier processes vanilla beans into dry pods, powder, or extract.

  1. Indonesia

Indonesia is noted to be the second-largest producer of vanilla beans in the world. Indonesia has been able to produce 2,304 tons of locally grown vanilla beans for domestic and export needs. One of the most reliable companies in meeting the need for vanilla beans worldwide is the Vanilla Indonesia Company.

The company, which has been operating for more than 30 years, only sells high-quality products and offers relatively affordable prices. The way of working and professional services make the company does not lose customers from various parts of the world, even consumers consisting of businesspeople continue to grow from year to year.

Special, the company also provides a full money-back guarantee when you find fraud or lies in the process of cooperation and transactions. As a first-hand supplier, the company consistently supports the farmer empowerment agenda. The company works closely with skilled farmers from Indonesia and Papua New Guinea to produce high-quality vanilla beans.

  1. China, Mexico, And Papua New Guinea

The next highest-ranking producer of vanilla beans locally in China, Mexico, and Papua New Guinea. China is recorded to be able to produce 885 tons of vanilla beans in 2016, while Mexico has 513 tons and 503 tons of Papua New Guinea in the same year. You are more recommended to shop for vanilla beans from Indonesia. In addition to the consistently abundant amount of production, Indonesia also opened cooperation with farmers in Papua New Guinea to be empowered.

  1. Turkey, Uganda, And Tonga

These three countries were only able to produce vanilla beans locally under 500 tons in 2016. Sequentially, Turkey was only able to produce 303 tons of vanilla beans, while Uganda and Tonga only 211 tons and 180 tons. Even so, the achievements of these three countries should be appreciated considering the cultivation of vanilla beans is not easy, especially for export needs.

The rest, other countries such as Frenc Polynesia, Reunion, Kenya, Comoros, Guadeloupe, and Zimbabwe are only able to produce as many as tens to tens of tons of vanilla beans. The problem of limited land, skilled labor, and quality seeds is still a major issue in the cultivation of vanilla beans.

If you are a businessman who relies on vanilla beans to produce food or cosmetics, you can consider the readiness of a country to provide quality products, as well as compare prices offered. Vanilla Indonesia Company deserves to be included in the priority list of selected suppliers for the benefit of your business in a sustainable manner.

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